Let me tell you a little about what we believe as a Church Family. We believe in the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, His Divinity, His death for the sins of mankind, His bodily resurrection and the hope of His return. The Bible teaches that there will be a judgment and that there is literally a heaven and a hell. The Bible is the Holy Word of God without error. It is the only authority by which the Church is to be governed. It is God’s message of love and hope and presents the way of salvation for all mankind.

We strive, with God’s help, to read it daily, apply its teachings to our lives and to study it individually and corporately. We believe that those who have trusted Jesus Christ as their personal Savoir are saved by God’s grace from sin and death to live the Christ-filled life to God’s glory. It is our belief that God loves and cares for all people from all walks of life and that we all stand in need of His forgiveness. His love for us is revealed through the sacrificial death of His son, Jesus Christ, as recorded in the Bible. Therefore, we believe in the importance of mission to share God’s love and message of hope locally and abroad.